Transit Insurance & Public Liability Included
2 Men + Truck
$99 hour + GST
3 Men + Truck
$149 hour + GST

*Please note that transit insurance is a specified perils cover, meaning there is cover up to $50,000 in the event of theft, fire or damage in an accident involving the truck. An excess of $500 applies.

Trouble Free Removals does not provide insurance against damage of your furniture or other household goods. If you do not already have your own insurance and would like these items to be covered separately against any potential damages during your move, please let us know and we will advise you of the best cover to suit your needs.

We have a minimum charge of 2 hours for every job. Thereafter we charge in increments of 15 minutes. On Saturdays and Sundays a minimum of 3 hours apply. The call out fee is billed as an additional charge of $49 dollars on top of your relocation costs and will only be charged once.