Key interior trends to inspire you in 2019

Whether you’ve just found your perfect dream home, or you want to revive and update your current living space, interior design is all about expressing your individual style.


As Bondi Removalists, we’re in the business of packing and relocating your interior decor, but we also like to think we’ve got a keen eye for style. After all, we’ve worked in Sydney’s affluent Eastern Suburbs for over a decade – we’ve seen our fair share of opulent furnishings over the years. You don’t have to break the bank to bring your visions to life; we’ve identified a couple of key trends and trawled through our favourite brand’s and online retailers to bring you all kinds of interior inspo!


Matte Black is the new grey: grey tones have been a huge trend in interior design over the past few years. Look at any budding interior designer’s Instagram grid to tell you just that. On closer inspection of such feeds in 2019, expect to see lashings of bold, black, high contrast designs in the form of seating, lighting fixtures, sideboards and coffee tables. Nothing creates a sense of drama quite as effectively as black does, and because it’s used minimally, you don’t have to worry about rooms looking oppressive and gloomy. Here’s our top matte black picks;







  • Mindful Decor: This interior trend forms part of a wider conversation, which encourages sustainable, eco-friendly and renewable resources in all aspects of our lives, from what we put on our plates to what we display on our shelves. And the great news is that what’s good for the environment is good for us! Fill your homes with these mood-boosting items and simultaneously feel your serotonin levels rise;


  1. House plants

Greenery within the home creates a relaxing and peaceful vibe and also has the added bonus of increasing oxygen, whilst decreasing toxins, making for cleaning breathing air.

The Aloe Plant makes for a great house plant and is a fantastic addition to any indoor space with lots of natural light. Not only does the gel of the plant have countless healing properties, but it will also moderate the air quality in your living space – we’re sold!




  1. Crystal

Crystals may not be everyone’s bag, but at the very least most can appreciate the beautiful, unique and authentic formation of them. If you are open to the idea that crystals act as amplifiers of health, happiness, love, success and prosperity, then these stones can be displayed in your abode to enhance your home with energy and protection.


The rose quartz is said to transform negative emotions like resentment and anger (neither of which have any place in our tranquil havens that we create for ourselves and our families), into love. Display one of these and expect closer bonds with family members, harmonious and fulfilling relationships all around.





Amethyst is known as the stone of spirituality and hailed as a natural stress reliever. Having one in your living space could lead to clearer thoughts, allowing you to feel more grounded and content.




  1. Scented Oils and Candles

Gorgeous candles made with pure essential oils may seem like a simple suggestion but they should never be underestimated. They create a calming feel and exude scents which can have a real positive impact on your home.


Look out for candles containing Lavender essential oils – it’s widely regarded at *the* calming oil, great for soothing a stressed out household, or settling excitable kids to wind down for a peaceful bedtime.